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Workshops and Projects

ITE and The Necessary Stage. Marine Parade Community Festival (2001)

Workshop held for ITE Balestier Machetronics Branch (30 students) in collaboration with art piece displayed at Marine Parade Community Centre.


Theatreworks and SANA. Anti-Drug Camp (June 2002)

Holiday workshop for Anti-Drug Camp organized by SANA and directed by Theatreworks open to all Secondary schools.


Kaki Bukit Prison (Dec 2002- 2006)

Workshops held each June and December on Development through Art and Drama, partnership with Drama practitioner Noorlinah Mohd based on the needs and counselling programme of the inmates at Kaki Bukit Prison School. 


Changi Women’s Prison ( Mar 2004, Dec 2004, June 2011)

Workshops based on Development through Drama And Art. partnership with Drama practitioner Noorlinah Mohd based on the needs and counselling programme of 15 inmates per session at CWP.

June 2011 – workshop on card-making.


Singapore General Hospital ( Oct 2004)

2 day workshop for 10 patients at SGH based on what they value and hope for. Kick Start workshop for ‘Works Of HeArt’, a  programme that officially brings Art into the hospital.


Singapore General Hospital (Mar 2005)

Clay party with the Lightweight Club (Premature babies club). 30 children


Singapore General Hospital (June 2006)

Workshop with hearing Impaired children based on sounds of animals. 20 children and parents. Secondary School students and ex-offenders as volunteers. With artist Lim Kok Boon.


Teacher’s Conference 2006 ( May 2006)

Workshop with Noorlinah Mohamed (SDEA) on the aesthetics model for development and transformation. 3 hours, 20 participants, teachers.


HOME (Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics) women’s shelter  ( July 2007)

3 day visual art workshops where participants had to articulate their concerns in the form of video, text, image or performance. 16 participants.


Myanmar: IJ Teachers Training Programme (Dec 2007)

4 day workshop on ‘Art and the Art of Story-telling’ to young adults being trained to become teachers.


Mendaki: Beautiful Minds (March 2008)

Arts workshop for a group of 30 girls organized by Mendaki and run by SDEA. 15 hour workshop on Visual art conducted over one month.


Y-Stars: Exploring Art (Dec 2014)

Showcare of art work by the Y-Stars created over 2 years with a focus on aesthetics and the development of a pedagogical approach to teaching art to those with special needs.


Artist – In –Us Programme @ The Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home (2009 onwards)

Developmental art workshops were proposed and conducted by Felicia as of 2016 onwards. The programme works with an average of 15 children, with the aim of developing personal and social confidence and growth. The development of each child is tracked along growth dimensions based on observed behavioural responses during art-making processes. The Home works closely with Felicia to follow up on the needs of particular children when necessary.

SGH Diabetes patients (Mar 2015) organised by Ogilvy and Mather, sponsored by Novo Nordisk

A 3 month visual art project was carried out with 5 diabetes patients and one staff of the SGH on the topic of nocturnal hypoglycaemia. The aim of the project was to raise awareness of the condition so that patients will be encouraged to report incidences of nocturnal hypoglycaemia to their doctors. A series of chinese and acrylic paintings were set up and on public display at the hospital.


Interior Design: MSF Home for Autistic adults (2016)

 A year long collaboration with Surbana Jurong and 6 students from SOTA to the design a Home to be set up for Autistic adults, by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. Workshops were held for the students to learn about interior design and match it to the needs of adults with autism.

Art Jam for Ministry of Education Pre-University Seminar (2017)

CCD Singapore was engaged to conceptualise an art jam for 550 students across various pre-tertiary and Secondary schools in Singapore for the Pre U Seminar organised by Catholic Junior College. The Art Jam took place on the 11th of March 2017, led by Felicia Low, where a total of 50 paintings were made based on the theme of SG75. The paintings were subsequently designed to become the journal cover and poster gifts for the Guests of Honour of the seminar, held between 29th -30th May 2017, at the NUS.


Yellow Ribbon Art showcase (2018)

14 participants from the women’s prison have been selected to participate in 2018’s Yellow Ribbon showcase. A series of 20 art workshops are being conducted by Felicia based on the theme of ‘Reflecting on our past, anticipating out future’.


From Dawn to Dusk: Art collaboration with Ng Teng Fong General Hospital & NTUC SilverACE (Taman Jurong) (2018)

A series of 10 art workshops were conducted through the medium of painting. 16 participants of this workshop are required to create art work that will be displayed in the hospital wards. Felicia had conceptualised the art work based on the neighbourhood’s trees, of which many were pine and cypress trees. Participants observed the texture, form and colour of the trees in their neighbourhood and created paintings from their observations.


Ceramics, Water-colours & Printmaking workshops at NTUC SilverACE (Taman Jurong) (2018-2019)

 A series of 20 sessions were conducted with 20 participants. Participants made a range of ceramic items, experimented with water colours, carried out still life studies of flowers and made their own block prints from this series of workshops.


Ceramics workshop for Family Of Wisdom at Bendemeer (Alzheimer’s Disease Association) 2019

 A series of 6 ceramics sessions were carried out to introduce participants to coiling and slabbing techniques. The items made were to be placed on sale at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for fund-raising.


Water-colour workshop for staff development with Catholic Junior College (2019)

 A 4 hour session was conducted with the staff of CJC to work on the concept of resilience as educators. 15 A0 works were made combining graffiti words with backgrounds of various water-colour designs.

Curator for Singapore Youth Festival 2018 & 2019 Art showcase

Held at the National Gallery, themed ‘Art And Citizenship’ for all primary, secondary schools, junior colleges and independent schools. Organised by the Ministry of Education.



Ceramics workshop for New Horizon’s centre at Toa Payoh & Jurong Point & (Alzheimer’s Disease Association) 2020

 A series of 6 ceramics sessions were carried out at each centre for a group of 8 clients respectively, to introduce participants to coiling and slabbing techniques. The programme aimed to engage participants in motor and cognitive skills through ceramics.


Mural for Catholic Junior College’s 45 Anniversary (2020)

 All students from Catholic Junior College were invited to create an art work on a postcard sized canvas piece. The nearly 1000 pieces where then composed on two large mural panels painted against a background of the dove and flame (school symbols) as a piece to commemorate the school’s 45th anniversary.


Ceramics workshop at NTUC SilverACE (Taman Jurong) 2020

 Another 10 sessions of ceramics was held for 11 seniors who wished to continue with art, after the previous 20 sessions between 2018-2019.

Curator for ‘Grit’, a showcase a series of exhibitions of public well wishes in various forms to appreciate NUHS healthcare workers for battling COVID 19 (2020)

 This special tribute showcases over 300 heartfelt messages, selected from more than 10,000 cards and artworks by the public, for Alexander Hospital, National University Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. On display between Oct- Dec 2020 at all 3 sites.

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